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Acceptance Versus Resignation

Acceptance versus resignation Acceptance doesn’t mean passive resignation. They’re two different things. Acceptance is a key psychological concept in psychotherapy and life recovery. It’s an internal attitude in effectively coping with trauma, abuse, or any tough situation. But most of the time, it has to be clarified and explained. Noel is stumbling beneath a deep… Continue reading Acceptance Versus Resignation

The Illusion of Control

The illusion of control was something I could do little about for Alan. Alan was 40 and had been referred to me by a medical doctor from a large hospital. I only had a first session with him. He refused to cooperate in therapy. He came to me in extremis – abandonment of his wife… Continue reading The Illusion of Control

Dealing With Physical Decline

Dealing with physical decline as time passes is an inevitable developmental task.  It makes order of your mental health and happiness. The rest of your life, actually. When I met John, my attorney classmate in high school, during his radio program, he beamed,  “My, you’ve not changed, Angelo! What’s the secret?” I delighted in hearing… Continue reading Dealing With Physical Decline

Worth of Your Past

What is the worth of your past? Awhile ago I was having a virtual session with Rose on Skype. She’s a woman with a painful past. Years before she migrated to Canada, she suffered varied kinds of abuse in the family. Not just physically and emotionally. There’s also sexual abuse (rape) of a relative. That… Continue reading Worth of Your Past

Facts of Life Are for Everyone

Facts of life are for everyone. Especially in the basic ebb and flow of our daily living. In psychotherapy, there are always themes processed that are the same for everyone. Psychotherapist and author Dr. Jeffrey Kottler writes, “Even the most creative, inventive, and impulsive clinician will teach similar lessons to all her clients … Regardless… Continue reading Facts of Life Are for Everyone

Touching Is Part of Recovery

Touching is part of recovery. A street girl once had a sticker on her T-shirt that tells passersby, “Come here for free hugs!” Touch is of great importance to emotional and physical health as well as one’s overall well being. I’ve noticed that psychological or emotional woundedness is always characterized by deficits in “touching.” “I’ve… Continue reading Touching Is Part of Recovery

Knowing Has Limits

Knowing has limits. That has always been true to human nature. With the numerous months and hours we spent in-session, Brady remained stuck. That, despite receiving a lot of information. Not only about himself. But also about his process. What more should I have shared? My growing impatience? My irritations? The mind possesses formidable barriers… Continue reading Knowing Has Limits

Whining and Mental Health

Whining and mental health. They’re closely connected. Whine, whine, whine! I could slap her! Yes, Lourdes. She’s so whiney and complaining. She exhibits things I dislike. Like refusing to change, external control,, criticalness, and getting stuck. During session, I wondered about what creative things I could do to get through her. And have a break!… Continue reading Whining and Mental Health

The Therapeutic Relationship

What is this so-called the “therapeutic relationship?”  That kind of interpersonal link between therapist and client or patient. “Fellow travelers,” described Dr. Irvin Yalom. Over history, the “therapeutic relationship” has been described in varied forms or ways. Patient – Therapist. Client – Counselor. Client – Facilitator. Analysand – Analyst. Client – Facilitator. User – Provider.… Continue reading The Therapeutic Relationship

Search For True Happiness

It’s in our minds and hearts all the time: the search for true happiness. Carol knows it too well.  She almost tried everything – work, career, money, husband, kids, public recognition, among others. One time, Carol asked her husband for a bigger (and expensive) car. Hers was small. And she’s not happy and content with… Continue reading Search For True Happiness

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