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Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Are you ready to stop being your own worst enemy?

The question reminds me of the old Winnie the Pooh book/movie.

In a conversation about who the real enemy is, Winnie the Pooh, a talented poet, simply points that the real “enemy is you!”

stop being your own worst enemy

Your own self can be your greatest enemy when you need to help and heal yourself.

“I can’t help it doc, thinking like this that always makes me feel bad,” complained Rizza, a Canadian-based nurse client on Skype session.

Rizza finds herself sleeping less, worrying more, and unable to relate in the workplace due to her recurring negative thought patterns.

So in psychotherapy, you should view these self defeating thoughts as challenges and discipline areas.

They’re a long list. Those self defeating thoughts and habits that make you your own worst enemy.

Here are some:

* procrastination 

* perfectionism 

* people pleasing

* stubbornness 

* refusing to ask for help

* negative self talk 

* avoiding risk 

* avoiding confrontation 

* unable to disconnect from work 

* refusing to learn from mistakes 

And more and more!

I believe our “own self” to be the root of all psychopathology and life dysfunctions.

When unhealed wounds remain in the self, it creates a void that’s often filled with reckless thrill seeking, consumerism, and drugs.

In a sense, “being your own worst enemy” is less a condition than a way of thinking and viewing the world.

CBT or cognitive behavior therapy is based on how our thinking influences the way we feel. 

It then pushes us to behaviorally react to people or situations.

CBT increases your self awareness and provides you with tools and actions for practical recovery.

When done correctly and sustainedly, CBT can help you stop being your own worst enemy.

Are you ready?


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