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Face All Your Demons and Shadows

“Face all your demons and shadows,” advised actress/TV executive Charo Santos-Concio in a rare interview sharing about her recovery from depression.

face all your demons and shadows
face all your demons and shadows
photo credit: Charo Santos

She’s sharing a well-recognized therapeutic principle in psychotherapy and life recovery.

Psychologists agree in general that every action that hurts us is an unconscious effort to avoid the real problem.

According to a noted psychiatrist, that’s 50% of our psychic energy spent to keep repressed memories below the level of consciousness.

If this amount of energy can be made available for a healthy mind, we can change our destinies.

Robert admits he’s an alcoholic. He’s getting sicker yet continues on just the same. Outside his awareness, he avoids confronting or going to what lies beneath.

Since it’s a painful process, he indulges, rationalizes, and even lies to himself and others. 

The restlessness comes from his self-will. 

All, in an effort to avoid facing his “demons and shadows”wreaking havoc in his life.

There’s this young woman who dropped into my Skype one evening. She lives and works overseas. 

“I feel terrible most of the time doc. I’ve been to psychiatrists and taking medications. Yet I remain the same and I’m no better off than before, what’s the matter with me?,” cried Anna, who’s stuck and addicted to same sex activities.

You repeat what you don’t repair.

Psychotherapy is a story of people, like Roberto and Anna, who number in the millions.

They need help to face and stop the repetition of damage of their inner demons and shadows.

Psychotherapist and priest, Dr. John Monbourquette, reminds us in his book “How to Befriend the Shadow:”

“Therefore, no one can afford to dispense with the work of reintegrating the shadow. If we refuse to do this work on ourselves, we risk psychological imbalance. We will tend to feel tense and depressed, tormented by vague feelings of anxiety, self-dissatisfaction and guilt; we will fall victim to all sorts of obsessions and be easily carried away by our impulses: jealousy, uncontrolled anger, resentment, inappropriate sexual behavior, greediness, and so forth.”

Nothing is solved permanently … until we learn to face all our demons and all our shadows.



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