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Heal From Your Toxic Parents

Heal from your toxic parents. It’s a call to life before it gets too late.

heal from your toxic parents

According to Psychology Today, toxic parents 

“… may come in different shapes. Some are so obvious that they can be spotted from space through the eye of a needle. Some are a bit more subtle. All are destructive.”

Toxic parents lie to themselves and others. They humiliate, shame, manipulate, blame, criticize, judge, and abuse. They make you feel useless and worthless.

“I’m experiencing panic anxiety attacks 3 times a week, doc. It’s making me sick, the way my Mom would speak to me and my little children,” Erlinda said last night during a Viber therapy face-to-face session.

Loathing, criticism, judgment, abuse. This has been a constant diet each day from Mom for Erlinda and her kids.

Erlinda felt afraid and worried about her own children when with their grandma (“Lola”).

The verbal venom she and her two other siblings experienced with their mother before and onwards is now being experienced by her young children.

The wounding that comes from a toxic parent is full of uncomfortable emotions. 

A lot of people avoid talking about it. Yet it’s the very thing they do need to talk about to heal.

It’s a most painful kind of wound. For it comes from a parent who’s supposed to love and care for you, guide you with wisdom.

None of us are perfect, including our parents. 

But there is a point when “imperfect” becomes too poisonous and destructive. It’s the severe kind, needing “surgical operation.”

Countless children live with emotional damage from this severe parental mistreatment.

Such includes, among others: depression, panic attacks, addictions, relationship problems, eating disorders, personality dysfunction.

Let me assure you that it’s possible to heal from toxic parents, difficult though it may be. 

It begins with a choice.

That’s a decision on your part that the shame, abuse, and dysfunction you went through won’t be the way your story will end.

Deep-level Psychotherapy is one most effective help for this.

“Once you have become aware … you discover and nurture your natural self. Through the use of exercises and journal work … leads you through grieving your lost childhood, becoming your own parent, growing up again, and integrating the healing aspects of spiritual, physical, and emotional recovery into your adult life.” – Dr. Steven Farmer, Psychotherapist





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