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Depression and Suicide

Depression and suicide – troubled mental health brewing in the British royal family with Queen Elizabeth.

“I didn’t want to be alive any more,” said Markle Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

In a recent celebrity interview with Oprah, Meghan, a mixed race, described the emotions she felt: shame, fear, hopelessness.

They’re emotions she experienced in the brief period when she was living in the British Royal Family with husband Prince Harry and infant son.

The emotions are common and familiar to those with suicidal thoughts and depression.

Some individuals contemplate suicide to get attention. They desperately need sympathy. Some want someone to listen to their hurts and disappointments. 

Others are beyond saving – they’ve seriously put self destruction in their mind and heart. 

Unobtrusively, but as early as possible, discern well if a person is really suicidal. And then take appropriate action.

Healing starts with support, awareness, and understanding.

In the “Scindo Syndrome,” author Marilyn Murray speaks of death-survival judgments.

She writes:  “When a person endures a trauma or deprivation, the person goes through a series of definite cognitive choices of varying degrees, in which the person determines whether he or she will live or die.”

It’s important to remember that this choice is often made unconsciously. That’s why it can be instantaneous if not given attention early enough.

A victim of depression is often tortured by a variety of overwhelming feelings and/or events.

Feelings/events, such as: unworthiness, anger, envy, jealousy, fear, losses, guilt, self pity, sexual deviation, drugs, alcohol, sin or failure, betrayal, deprivation, among many others.

Root causes leading to depression and suicide are usually deep and possibly of long duration.

Many of these roots are traceable way much earlier -back to childhood. 

And therefore with that context, it points to the need for prolonged professional therapy and counseling.


depression and suicide
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