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- Dr. Angelo Subida, Psychotherapist

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Dr. Angelo O. Subida
Psychotherapist, Author

ANGELO O. SUBIDA is the founder of My Online Psychotherapy Ph. He is a psychotherapist, psychologist, and mental health counselor in active private practice.

He is an author of published books (ebooks, paperbacks) and creative writer of mental health resources, a blogger, life coach, and licensed ordained minister. He holds a doctorate and masteral degrees/trainings in dual fields: counseling psychology and theology/missiology.

Dr. Subida is author of mental health books, such as Secrets of Your Self, Overcoming Trauma, among others. He has been featured on television, radio, and social media, including GMA7, CNN, TV5, ABS CBN, UNTV, Inquirer Radio, and Radyo Veritas.

A former professor and journalist, he now offers an innovative, inspirational, and international ONLINE PSYCHOTHERAPY, counseling, and life coaching consultation service to individuals, couples, families, teenagers and adults, conducted via Skype, Zoom, Viber, Google Meet, FB etc.

Dr. Subida’s core specialization is SELF PSYCHOTHERAPY, which he has been successfully applying to treat varied psychological, emotional, and spiritual problems/disorders, such as: depression; post-trauma wounds or PTSD; addictions; infidelity recovery; marital/couple therapy; family therapy; therapy for hurting parents; OFW mental health; LGBQT issues; psychological care for the ill;  aging and death therapy; chess therapy; writing, art, and creativity; and spiritual psychology.

Dr. Subida’s PSYCHOTHERAPY  (original Greek words: “psyche” which means “soul” or “mind” and “therapeu” which means “healing”) approach is not mainstream or mere textbook theory. It’s real life in the trenches. He has walked the walk. And his healing process comes from his own deepest personal and professional journeys.

Dr. Subida’s 24/7 Psych InfoText Hotline: +63 919.001.3197

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Online psychotherapy