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Money Problems and Mental Health

Money problems and mental health. They often go together. Most of the catastrophes that happen to people nowadays have something to do with money. Bankruptcy. Economic recession. Debts. Hunger. Poverty. Overspending. Unemployment.  The list is endless. And its associated mishaps can touch every aspect of our lives. Such as, self-esteem, family, relationship with others, our… Continue reading Money Problems and Mental Health

Therapy as Theatre

The therapy hour is theatre. Inside it lies different patterns, shades, and colors of what we call life. It’s a time of creativity to help fellow travelers. To heal. To get free. To break loose from self damaging ways. As a psychotherapist, much of it for me is spontaneous and improvisational. I react and respond… Continue reading Therapy as Theatre

Feeling Stuck In Life? Do These Things

What could you do when feeling “stuck?” Or, “stuck in your ways?” Psychopathology is often an issue of “stuckness.” There is lingering inability to move on with life. Mando was a client in the late 1990s. When he came to see me, he’s sobbing and unable to control his rage. After 20 years, Mando remains… Continue reading Feeling Stuck In Life? Do These Things

“Injustice Collector,” Anyone?

Dr. Mary Ellen O’Toole coined the term “injustice collector?” She writes: “An ‘Injustice Collector’ is someone who sees injustices in many, if not most things that happen to them in life. Injustice Collectors can misperceive the smallest slights and turn them into major events and they can accumulate these injustices for years. Their response to… Continue reading “Injustice Collector,” Anyone?

Healing Takes Waiting

Healing takes waiting. Especially when it’s worth the wait. Waiting. For fruit. For result. Healing One of life’s most essential lessons. Nowadays, at this time of the global pandemic, we wait for a lot of things to bring us back to “normal.” That takes patience. Pressing forward despite the seeming delays. As Habakkuk says in… Continue reading Healing Takes Waiting

Love Based on Image

Love Based on Image? It’s February, our yearly love month. And I get to think about love again. As well as ponder it along with individuals in-session and out. In Netflix, there’s a current hit film love story, Bridgerton. It’s like a dream dance, which people love. Many times, the love dance can be built… Continue reading Love Based on Image

Creative Cure

Creative Cure. One of my favorites in the therapeutic realm. I’m thinking of “mantra” as a form of psychological creative cure. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word “mantra” means a sacred counsel or mystical formula. Mantra can be an effective therapy tool to help people heal. In the theatre of life in my sessions,… Continue reading Creative Cure

Truly Live, Not Just Exist

Truly Live, Not Just Exist? You’ve experienced abuse.  Actually this thought comes from inside…because everyone have their own perspective towards life and own ways to cherish it Whether physical, psychological, emotional, financial, or even spiritual, the abuse may have developed a great deal of strength in you. In psychotherapy, the work you do is to move… Continue reading Truly Live, Not Just Exist

Emerge or Merge

It’s a paradox. The more you get self aware, the more you get anxious. That’s Bernadette’s situation.  Years of exposures and struggles in her relationship with her Mom have always led her to “fuse” with her. When her Mom gets sick, she feels sick too. When she gets angry, she too. When she’s anxious or… Continue reading Emerge or Merge

A Loneliness Epidemic

Loneliness Epidemic? Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, public-health experts were concerned about an epidemic of loneliness in the U.S Loneliness is not pleasant to talk about. Nor is it a nice feeling to experience. Some studies show that continual loneliness can lead to inflammation, which makes the body susceptible to numerous illnesses.  This time of the Coronavirus globally, the experience of… Continue reading A Loneliness Epidemic

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