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When You Can’t Take It Anymore

“I have enough, can’t take it anymore!”That sounds too common. A lot of people, especially these Covid pandemic times, experience deep trials and significant anxiety.Covid doesn’t look it’s going to end soon. With returning and renewed spreads and lockdowns. Many people have had enough.What do you do when you have too much already?Elijah had too… Continue reading When You Can’t Take It Anymore

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Never Bottle Up Your Emotions

Never bottle up your emotions. Anthony is a 23-year-old angry man. He has much negative feelings and thoughts that escalate each day. Often, he externalizes them. In ways that are destructive to himself and others. He rages. He beats people up, such as his older sister. He drowns himself in alcohol and drugs. He hurts… Continue reading Never Bottle Up Your Emotions

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Behavior That Is Observed Changes

Behavior that is observed changes. We can call it accountability. Those who choose to be accountable for change have the greatest hope for change. One time, a close cousin of a future patient, Roel, saw me at the Holiday Inn. To plan for “rehab” of Roel from womanizing, financial debts, domestic violence, and alcoholism. This… Continue reading Behavior That Is Observed Changes

Being Selfish Hurts You

Being selfish hurts you. It is dangerous.    Not just psychologically and spiritually but also relationally. It creates bad effects on one’s overall well being.   Selfishness or self-centeredness is natural in a child. But in an adult, it is childish and immature.   That’s where the hurt is. A hurt that can last a… Continue reading Being Selfish Hurts You

Who Is A Sex Addict?

Who is a sex addict? I hate labels used on people, such as this. I prefer to use “person with a sexual addiction.” Anyway, the term “sex addict” (as cited by experts) refers to a person with compulsive sex-related behavior that is out of control.For instance, Bob, a middle aged patient, is particularly concerned with a deep… Continue reading Who Is A Sex Addict?

Don’t Sit Too Much

Don’t sit too much. For your mental health. Not just physical. Especially when you’re depressed, grieving, or traumatized. During the earlier months of the pandemic, I had Boris, a teenage high school patient.  He’s always sitting in his room. Too much for hours, even missing meals. Playing games. Porn. One day, his Mom found him… Continue reading Don’t Sit Too Much

Focus On Your Self

To fill your inner voids is to focus on your self. You stop focusing on others or things to do that for you.  It’s so common for people to be “attached” to another person. Be it parent, child, friend, or spouse. The attachment can turn into unnecessary neediness or clingy-ness on the object of the… Continue reading Focus On Your Self

Give Your Stress Wings

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away,” once wrote Terri Guillemets. Many of us struggle with stress in personal life, work, relationships, money, among other areas  Stress is a given in our human existence. Everyone experiences it, whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, relational etc. Psychotherapy is one process that can be stressful to… Continue reading Give Your Stress Wings

Make Life Rich Without Money

Do you know that you can make life rich without money? How? By living a minimalist life. A simple life. A balanced life. It’s psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy. I love how Bo Sanchez once put it, “I believe we should always live below our earning capacity. Live simply so you can have more peace.… Continue reading Make Life Rich Without Money

Stop Playing Small And Bloom

Stop playing small and bloom. Pip attended his high school prom party. Despite his shyness, he went with his classmates. All throughout the evening party, Pip felt inadequate. Instead of moving around and dancing, he spent much of the time in the restroom. Under the influence of “playing small,” Pip tried to shrink, hide, and… Continue reading Stop Playing Small And Bloom

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