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It’s Always Too Soon To Quit

It’s always too soon to quit. That’s what Norman Vincent Peale once advised. Why do people quit when much is the reward? After a couple of sessions with his wife, Bob quitted. “It’s uncomfortable. I’m afraid about what I’m seeing. I don’t want to go on with this pain,” he said. Result?  His wife disappeared… Continue reading It’s Always Too Soon To Quit

Are You Narcotizing Your Inner Problems?

Are you narcotizing your inner problems? I mean by the use of drugs, alcohol, over-busyness, casual sex, and in sundry different ways. Worldwide, people spend billions of dollars on alcohol and drugs. All, in an effort to escape inner problems. Alcohol and drugs tend to lessen anxiety temporarily. But they paralyze the higher brain centers where… Continue reading Are You Narcotizing Your Inner Problems?

To Forgive Is Letting Go Of Past Hurts

To forgive is letting go of past hurts. Forgiveness and your past hurts. They do seem to always conflict. Let’s understand a bit more here this known scientific healing factor called forgiveness. And how it relates to past hurts – whether it’s for self-forgiveness or other-forgiveness. Remember Timon and Pumba from The Lion King?  They… Continue reading To Forgive Is Letting Go Of Past Hurts

How to Survive Infidelity

For the betrayed and the wayward spouse/partner, there are basic steps on how to survive infidelity. This is what I cover at the outset when counseling couples wounded by infidelity or extramarital affairs. The basic steps help the couple get some distance from their emotional reactivity.  It’s foundational so they can bring initial equilibrium in… Continue reading How to Survive Infidelity

Patient Ghosting in Therapy

Patient ghosting in therapy does happen.  Ghosting, what ghost?  In the context of relationships, including therapist-patient relationship, the word “ghost” (verb) is defined as …  “To end a personal relationship with someone suddenly by stopping all communication with them.”  Patient ghosting in therapy is disrespect. Impolite. I’ll-mannered. It reflects unfavorably on the patient or person… Continue reading Patient Ghosting in Therapy

Discover Your Wounded Inner Child

Discover your wounded inner child. American author and psychotherapist, Dr. John Bradshaw, explains that, “Any psychological wound that is not properly tended to, especially if it was sustained during youth, is liable to nourish the shadow side of our personality.” Children do get wounded. Emotionally. Psychologically. Physically. As well as spiritually. Often by dysfunctional, toxic parents.… Continue reading Discover Your Wounded Inner Child

Don’t Cheat Your Self

Don’t cheat your self. Dare to face the truth.  One of the worst habits many people have is cheating, deceiving, or fooling themselves.  A deadly habit that sabotages their lives. Because they dare not face the truth.  Psychotherapy is a deep search for personal truth.  It’s fraught with challenges and dangers. For the human heart… Continue reading Don’t Cheat Your Self

Take Notice What You Fail To Notice

Take notice what you fail to notice is a must. That is, if you are to heal and change in your life. Psychiatrist and author, Dr. R.D. Laing describes how hard it is to “take notice.” He writes, “The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And… Continue reading Take Notice What You Fail To Notice

Choose To Save Your Self

Choose to save your self. When I was a boy, I was scared. Lonely. Adrift. Felt orphaned, cut off. Unprotected. A core of anger emerged. My rationality stripped away. I was unprepared for its emergence. In family, school, relationships. One time, I almost burned our family house. Bottles of gasoline. Lighter. And my lost, loveless… Continue reading Choose To Save Your Self

Be Strong At The Broken Places

Be strong at the broken places.  You learn that from literary great Ernest Hemingway.  “The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Imagine a life without brokenness. Without problems. Without adverse circumstances. A life so easy and uncomplicated. Life is going to be impoverished if this is so! It is brokenness,… Continue reading Be Strong At The Broken Places

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