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Hope Amid Life-Threatening Disease

Hope amid life-threatening disease. I was reading the news awhile ago. When I stumbled upon a current medical update on Kris, which led me to write this post. Famous TV personality, Kris Aquino, 51, is in serious medical/physical disease. She’s pretty honest about it, updating all in the media. Latest medical report shows she’s suffering… Continue reading Hope Amid Life-Threatening Disease

Don’t Waste Your Days

Don’t waste your days. You don’t own your days. So make the most of it. A woman in therapy was 61. Only at that age did she finally give up drinking. Hear what she said about her days: “The worst part about it is all the wasted time. No one can give back to me… Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Days

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Stop Judging Others

Stop judging others. It’s not the facts but the filter. “They’re greedy! Fuck them!” shouted Mina about her siblings after she asked them money again to pay her debts. She owed them much unpaid loans already. Mina instantly judged her siblings greedy, ignoring and misjudging the times they unselfishly helped and loaned to her. More… Continue reading Stop Judging Others

Overcome Your Fear Of Man

Mental health is to overcome your “fear of man.” Are you afraid of what man can do or say to you? Look at the signs: Fear of disapproval. Fear of rejection. Fear of criticism/judgment. Fear of betrayal. Fear of being cheated. Fear of loss of financial support. Fear of abandonment. Fear of loss of love/relationship.… Continue reading Overcome Your Fear Of Man

Do You Long For A Home?

Do you long for a home? Deep within each of us is a natural, built-in longing for home. Heard of the Green Gables stories? Meet the lead character there – the orphan, Anne. She longed to be part of family. She longed for a home. One day, Anne met an older man named Matthew and… Continue reading Do You Long For A Home?

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Are You A Lover Of Money?

Are you a lover of money? There is goodness in money. It’s a tool. But to be controlled by it is a curse. Imagine a person who is a “lover of money.” Instead of possessing money, the person is possessed by it. Both rich and poor can be ”lover of money.” Jim is a pastor.… Continue reading Are You A Lover Of Money?

Prepare To Die With A Lived Life

Prepare to die with a lived life. Wendy Lustbader, well-known psychotherapist and author, writes: “Tragedy is to die with unlived life still inside us.” Unlived life. That idea has the power to open our eyes and transform us. Our time on earth is short. Our capacities are limited. In many instances, we are called to… Continue reading Prepare To Die With A Lived Life

Don’t Waste Your Emotional Pain

Don’t waste your emotional pain. “I’m overwhelmed. When he abandoned me, I felt so lost and crushed. I don’t know what to do now with my life … if it’s still worth it,” sobbed Marina over Viber. Emotional pain made Marina to want to isolate. Or, hit back. Even harm herself. It’s very tough to… Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Emotional Pain

Have You Been Betrayed?

Have you been betrayed? The weight of the past few weeks have been heavy for me. The betrayal and deception of those I love left me feeling crushed and brokenhearted. It crushed me to think that one of them would hurl unjust accusations and malicious motives to me. She just believed fake news and blamed… Continue reading Have You Been Betrayed?

Who Is Your Real Family?

Who is your real family? Is your family a place where loneliness disappears? “My mother beats me up. And my brother and sister join her. One day, I joined a church community where I found my real family who truly love and care for me,” shared Lisa during a Zoom session. A sad, hurting reality… Continue reading Who Is Your Real Family?

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