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Heal Your Fear of Man

Heal your fear of man. Fear of man’s rejection is a common mental health issue. People with high-level addiction to human approval break down. The fear of man is a trap. It will crush you! So many of us make choices based on our need for acceptance. Or, belonging. Love. We always try to prove… Continue reading Heal Your Fear of Man

Stay Humble and Grateful

Here’s an essential life healing precept: Stay humble and grateful. A common block to mental and emotional health is ego. The pride of self and life. Paul was raised in poverty. His parents could hardly feed and support him and his siblings. At a young age, he hustled. Selling all sorts of things in the… Continue reading Stay Humble and Grateful

Something You Need To Know

Something you need to know. About Christmas. I look at the skies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I’ve never been too old for that. I pause. I pray. I smile. I wish. When I eat or sing, I just be. I cherish the greatest Gift and Giver I’ve received into my life. There’s something… Continue reading Something You Need To Know

Love Better With Aloneness

Do you realize that you can love better with aloneness? Aloneness is usually somewhat associated by many with loneliness. It is a feeling that can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you are here and reading this post, chances are high that you are familiar with the feeling of being alone. As I write this, I’ve… Continue reading Love Better With Aloneness

Live For Something Greater Than Your Self

Live for something greater than your self. Life is a temporary assignment. Everyone of us is given one chance for a limited time to “live a life that will outlast it,” as philosopher/psychologist Dr. William James aptly put it. Benny is coming back home to the Philippines to retire. He has worked as perfume factory… Continue reading Live For Something Greater Than Your Self

Why People Hide Their Feelings

Why do people hide their real feelings in relationship? For two hearts to get connected, there needs to be a space between them to share each other’s feelings. When that safe space is lacking, a person typically hides his or her feelings from the other. It’s a common struggle among those in intimate relationship. This… Continue reading Why People Hide Their Feelings

Remember You Are Enough

Remember you are enough. You can be secure even without anyone’s approval. No need to prove your worth. I learned about a funny story of a psychiatric hospital mental patient from Thich Nhat Thach, a famous monk/writer. Here’s the story he wrote about: “A patient there was very afraid of the chickens that roamed freely… Continue reading Remember You Are Enough

Let Only Truth Heal You

Let only truth heal you. Yes, that’s your healing currency. But realize first this reality in the world where we live in: lies travel faster than truths. As Winston Churchill once put it, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” We live in a… Continue reading Let Only Truth Heal You

Seek Peace First With Your Self

Seek peace first with your self. You accomplish that by dealing with and resolving your inner conflicts. Face those inner conflicts rather than avoid them. Mary, a young woman in-session over Whats App, said to me, ”Doc, i don’t know why I’m like this, can’t hold a relationship, can’t forgive, can’t control my drinking and… Continue reading Seek Peace First With Your Self

Heal Like Malcolm X

Heal like Malcolm X was his self education. It became his ticket to his future. In 1946, Malcolm X was convicted of a crime. He was sent to prison for seven years. When he went to prison, he could not even write his name. He never finished beyond Grade 8 in school. He was frustrated… Continue reading Heal Like Malcolm X

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