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Stay or Leave? Here’s Help.

Stay or leave? 

Countless couples often ask that million-dollar question.

Whether married or partners in a romantic relationship, that question sticks. Deep. In the hearts and minds of men and women broken by “love.

“I feel lost. I don’t know what to do anymore,” remarked Tina during our Skype session.

“Do I leave him or go on with business as usual, given his affair with his company treasurer. I can’t even look at him.”

According to psych studies and statistics, a majority of those leaving marriages or romantic relationships involves infidelity.

There’s a variety of reasons, of course, on whether to stay or leave.

But infidelity appears to be the Top Big Why of those mostly leaving rather than staying in the relationship.

There’s a triangle. And if the betraying spouse or partner is not willing to stop the affair, then with it many problems complicate the healing process.

Experts say that before you choose whether to stay or leave, for whatever reason, you spend time waiting enough and consider basic or important questions.

Here are some of these basic or important questions:

If there’s infidelity, is your spouse/partner willing to stop the affair?

Can you and your spouse/partner work through the reasons and realities of your relationship?

Will the quality of your life be improved or diminished without your spouse/partner?

How does your age or life stage affect the choice you’ll make?

Are your fears the ones keeping you in the relationship? Can the love in your relationship still be strengthened?

If you’ve children, what about the impact of your choice on them?
How do you put all the factors or reasons together in your own situation?

Below is a capsule summary from an article of Psychology Today of their “Top 10 Reasons to Stay or Leave a Romantic Relationship.”

You may find it helpful if you’re struggling in a relationship.

stay or leave



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