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Searching For Inner Satisfaction

We are all searching for inner satisfaction. It is an ongoing quest from the time we enter to the time we exit this world.

Here’s the reality.

searching for inner satisfaction

In this world of false shining objects, it’s easy for people to get lost. Run faster. Consume more.

Materialism, for instance, is one of those which makes a promise. It tells you that you can get lasting satisfaction from amassing wealth and possessions. 

Education is another. When you expand yourself, that’s where you find what you’re looking for.

Psychology or humanism has something to say too. Be confident and trust yourself.

Marriage and family gives a promise of stability to fill the inner vacuum.

Philanthropy tells you to give, be unselfish, and you’ll feel fulfilled.

And on and on and on goes the world offering us a smorgasbord of philosophies or core beliefs in answer to the quest.

They all smell and look good. Especially, during the time you are buying or consuming them. Searching for inner satisfaction.

But … they still leave us thirsty, hungry, uneasy, confused. 

As Henry David Thoreau put it to paint a picture of the masses:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

When there is a lack of personal purpose or mission in life, there you find desperation. A floating sense of meaninglessness. An unending search for things that never satisfy.

Dr. Chuck Swindoll describes the ultimate answer to our mission quest – the Only One Way out of this mass desperation and the world’s fleeting pleasures or philosophies:

“Christianity is not a system of human philosophy nor a religious ritual nor a code of moral ethics – it is the impartation of divine life through Christ. Apart from the Way, there is no going … apart from the Truth, there is no knowing … apart from the Life, there is no living. God says … Be in Christ, rest yourself.”


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