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The Bible and Medicine

The Bible and medicine are closely interrelated.

You ask Dr. Paul Tournier. 

the Bible and medicine

He’s a physician, psychotherapist, and author, who’s quite known in the field of pastoral counseling.

In his medical practice and books, he always cited the therapeutic role of the Bible for the “medicine of persons.”

Insightfully, he wrote:

“Of the meaning of things, the meaning of sickness and cure, of life and death, of the world, man and history, science tells us nothing; here it is the Bible that speaks to us. For this reason, the study of the Bible is as valuable to the doctor as the study of science.” (Tournier, 1954)

Tournier led Bible studies. Not only among his patients or colleagues in the hospital. But also, in varied international  conferences of “Medicine of Person” movement that he founded.

He remarked, “I have found deep joy in explaining the Bible to doctors of our time, in stressing the correspondence between our faith and the call of our vocation.” (Tournier, 1972)

In my psychotherapy practice, this “correspondence” holds true for me as well. 

For many years, I’d taught the Bible to doctors, nurses, and patients as part of healthcare in a large veterans hospital.

Years ago, I’m reminded of a man I counseled who’s addicted to alcohol, drugs, and women. 

We went through psychological assessment and exercises as well as therapy sessions along with his wife. That took almost a year.

He felt slow in his progress. 

But one time, I shared with him a Bible and devotional app called “Daily Bread.” 

I asked him to download it on his iPhone and read a page of it each day.

With constant follow through, he developed the habit of reading the Bible. Eventually, we terminated the sessions. 

He reached a point when he’s already able to be “independent” enough from any of his drugs-of-choice  to support his sobriety.

He even became much better medically recovering from a number of physical illnesses as a result of his addictions.

“The Daily Bread, the Bible did it for me doc!” he happily claimed.

In particular, he cited my favorite Philippians 4:7 as his psychotherapy Bible verse:

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”



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