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Detach From Drama Over Situations

Detach from drama over situations, even major ones.  Get into the flow of detaching from the triggers of what people say or do that try to control your reality. Knowingly create your own reality for whatever moment you’re in. And be unclouded by the opinions or actions of those around you. When Diane was whining… Continue reading Detach From Drama Over Situations

Understand What Shame Is

Understand what shame is. Heal from shame that binds you. “I feel I’m never enough. Something is wrong with me and I hardly have an idea what it is. I might as well disappear or drown in my drinking at the bar,” cried Tina in one of our Zoom sessions. Tina suffered a lot of… Continue reading Understand What Shame Is

Remember Life’s 4 Essentials

Remember life’s 4 essentials for they form the basis of all your thoughts, choices, and experiences. Life’s essentials are things you can’t avoid in our temporal existence in this world. There are 4 essentials or “basic facts of life” in our joint earthly journey: Life. Death. Karma. Suffering. Never forget these 4 things to guide… Continue reading Remember Life’s 4 Essentials

Have No Fear of Man

Have no fear of man.  Let me share with you a story – a mental health reminder to accomplish that slogan. I trembled. Perspiring. My anxiety panic was electric. The speech I delivered before thousands that morning. I stood at the podium, facing rows and rows of people. It’s where I met my fear. I… Continue reading Have No Fear of Man

Get Over It Whatever It Is

“Get over it whatever it is.” Thus says Karen Casey, one of my favorite healing authors. She is author of the bestselling book, “Let Go Now,” among others. Get over it. Whatever it is. What could that possibly mean? It has to do with how we see or deal with difficult people and trying circumstances… Continue reading Get Over It Whatever It Is

Can You See Your Life As A Dream?

Can you see your life as a dream? Life is a dream. All things that happen in our lives arise from a foundation of impermanence. I remember my three children when they were cute babies and so soft and little.  Sweet, happy memories I have of my cuddling, hugging, kissing, and playing with them would… Continue reading Can You See Your Life As A Dream?

Avoid Getting Jealous

“Avoid getting jealous” is a mental health slogan worth remembering. Pay attention when you feel jealous. Notice what’s under the surface, which is commonly insecurity or self-pity. Jealousy is especially rooted in thoughts and feelings of not having enough or being good enough.  “It’s the hardest time of my life, doc. My wife left me… Continue reading Avoid Getting Jealous

Let Truth Heal and Free You

Mental health is the ability to let truth heal and free you. Most certainly, on an emotional level, we wrestle with lies we tell ourselves and others.  Truth and lies. We either live with truth or we live with lies. They’re enemies fighting for the possession of our mind, soul, and relationships. Susan was obviously… Continue reading Let Truth Heal and Free You

Let Go Of Resentment

Let go of resentment. Strive to move on and live your best life. Have you heard of Betty Broderick?  Hers is a story of deadly resentment – the bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly. In 1989, she murdered her 44-year-old ex-husband and his 28-year-old “other woman” mistress-turned wife in their home. For years prior… Continue reading Let Go Of Resentment

Stop Fighting To Connect

Stop fighting to connect to your difficult adult child.  Do you have a difficult or alienated adult child? So how do you deal with the situation? There is pain in one’s aching, empty heart because it involves your adult child.  But there are do’s and dont’s we can follow in regard to the issue of… Continue reading Stop Fighting To Connect

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