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Practice Affirming the Unaffirmed

Practice affirming the unaffirmed. It can be a most important single factor in effective psychotherapy. Harry was a mental health worker in a psych facility. He didn’t train in psychotherapy. But he knew what to give to a mentally disturbed person. One of the sickest patients he had was a psychotic woman. She’s been there… Continue reading Practice Affirming the Unaffirmed

Depression Is Not A Medical Illness

Depression is not a medical illness. Yet the belief that it is, remains being promoted by conventional medicine. The use of chemicals, such as brain drugs like “anti-depressants,” contributes to the idea that depression is an illness. “Chemical imbalance” is another label used. It’s most often blamed as the medical problem causing depression. It’s a… Continue reading Depression Is Not A Medical Illness

What Keeps A Marriage Going?

What keeps a marriage going? Throughout the world, countless marriages are short-lived. In the US, studies show an average of 9.4 years marital life span. Marriage nowadays is truly a matter of life or divorce. To find out what keeps a marriage going, Drs. Jeanette and Robert Lauer studied 300 couples married after 15 or… Continue reading What Keeps A Marriage Going?

When People Drive You Crazy

When people drive you crazy, what do you do?  There’s no doubt that we get crazy when we don’t get what we want from people. Shiena was about to blow her lid last night. Her anxious nerves were mixed with anger towards her husband. She complained about her husband’s insensitivity, criticisms, and lack of attention… Continue reading When People Drive You Crazy

From Lamentation to Happiness

Let’s learn to turn from lamentation to happiness. Is lamentation your way of life? During this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, we all experience grief.  We experience the problems, the heartache, the misfortune that has beset us. Under the weight of all these losses and woes, we feel a need to mourn and lament. And… Continue reading From Lamentation to Happiness

Never Walk Away From Your Self

A basic principle in mental health is to never walk away from your self. Chronic mental health problems, such as involving depression, loneliness, or addiction, always involves “eviction of one’s sense of self.” This “eviction of one’s sense of self” is worse than being evicted from your home or apartment. It’s deadlier. Last week, Dindo… Continue reading Never Walk Away From Your Self

Dealing with “Ghosting”

Dealing with “ghosting” can be a mental health issue faced in personal relationships. “Ghosting,” based on the Oxford Languages, is defined as: “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation, withdrawing from all communications” Minda was frustrated, upset, and confused. Her daughter suddenly cut communications with her since landing… Continue reading Dealing with “Ghosting”

Books Are Good For Your Brain

Books are good for your brain. That’s what the neuroscientists and psychologists would tell us. Last year, especially during the early months of the pandemic, people were locked down.  They’ve a lot of “mental chatter” dealing with the impact of the virus in our lives. It only makes things worse psychologically and emotionally for many.… Continue reading Books Are Good For Your Brain

Debts and Mental Health

Debts and mental health: How are you paying off your debts? Ask Ralph Waldo Emerson. He said, “Pay every debt as if God wrote the bill.” This pandemic, we live in a time with too much accumulating debts.  Incurred not just by people, but also by governments. They’re debts to address the impact of damage… Continue reading Debts and Mental Health

Habits That Work For You

Develop habits that work for you. Not against you.  In psychotherapy and life recovery, we need to be on constant lookout. We hunt for and discern the nature of our habits in our minds. Habits that work for you include habits such as: eating fruits and vegetables, exercise, enough sleep, being kind or encouraging to… Continue reading Habits That Work For You

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