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Dealing with “Ghosting”

Dealing with “ghosting” can be a mental health issue faced in personal relationships.

“Ghosting,” based on the Oxford Languages, is defined as:

“the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation, withdrawing from all communications”

Minda was frustrated, upset, and confused. Her daughter suddenly cut communications with her since landing a lucrative job.

She’s no longer answering her calls, texts, and emails. She’s worried. Was she ok? 

But Minda knew that she’s been “ghosted” by her daughter. 

And she can’t figure out exactly why. She’s wondering whether there’s a way that she could convince her daughter to give her another chance.

As a mother, she got emotionally wounded of course. She sacrificed a lot for her daughter to send her to school and provide for her needs.

“Ghosting” happens in romantic, marital, or friendship relationships, not just in parent-child or family relationships.

According to psychologist Dr. Loren Soeiro, ghosting is sometimes referred to as a form of cowardice: the refusal to acknowledge one’s own misconduct.

When one “ghosts,” there’s also the element of cognitive dissonance playing a role.

Here, the brain focuses on information that confirms a pre-existing belief about something or someone. Even when evidence shows the contrary.

Has “ghosting” ever happened to you?

Someone you love or like suddenly stopped communicating or removed you from his or her life.

Without any explanation at all. Just made a disappearing act.

So now, what should you do in dealing with “ghosting?”

According to therapist/social worker, F. Diane Barth, there are several activities that can be helpful.

1. Acknowledge that it hurts.

2. Offer your self understanding and sympathy.

3. Talk about it.

4. Take care of your mind and body.

5. Even if it’s something you won’t do, make room for the possibility that the one who “ghosted” you thought it’s the right thing (cowardly though it may be).

6. Let it go

“If someone is ghosting you and it really hurts you, don’t worry. They are going to lose something most valuable from their life.” — Swara D

dealing with “ghosting


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