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Books Are Good For Your Brain

Books are good for your brain.

That’s what the neuroscientists and psychologists would tell us.

Last year, especially during the early months of the pandemic, people were locked down. 

They’ve a lot of “mental chatter” dealing with the impact of the virus in our lives. It only makes things worse psychologically and emotionally for many.

Reading books is a therapeutic act. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Psychiatrist Jud Brewer of Brown University Mindfulness Center writes:

“When we hit that glorious ‘flow state’ of reading where we’re fully immersed in a book, our brain’s default mode network likely calms down.”

books are good for your brain

The “flow state” in reading a book provides an escape, adventure, excitement. It reduces the “mental chatter” that agitates and distracts us from constructive action.

Matt Haig from his book “Reasons to Stay Alive,” writes:

“Every book written is the product of a human mind in a particular state. Add all the books together and you get the end sum of humanity.”

Matt’s book was born out of his reading therapy or Bibliotherapy. In coping with his life’s struggle against anxiety and depression.

His love of reading and writing helped him on the road to recovery.

Bibliotherapy turns out to be a popular therapy. It dates back to the time of ancient Greeks. 

It is the use of books as therapy in treating mental or psychological disorders.

Nowadays, the world is suffering from the deadly effects of Coronavirus on every aspect of our life.

Reading can help as a healing tool available to us given the crisis.

Books are good for your brain. They create perspective. It guides us to healthy choices.

It can transport us away from our selves.

It can make us realize at the same time that the world is much bigger than the “bubble” we create in our minds.


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