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Habits That Work For You

Develop habits that work for you. Not against you. 

In psychotherapy and life recovery, we need to be on constant lookout. We hunt for and discern the nature of our habits in our minds.

habits that work for you

Habits that work for you include habits such as: eating fruits and vegetables, exercise, enough sleep, being kind or encouraging to others, saying uplifting words, and so on.

Habits that work against you include: overeating, too much smoking, too much drinking, negative thoughts, uncontrollable temper, always argumentative etc

Negative thinking and emotional habits, how about them? They hurt and damage you. 

Exterminate them! The work of therapy is a process of doing battle with them. 

Mona, a Covid-free OFW nurse client in Europe, once gave me a session call over Skype. 

She’s battling with loneliness and racial discrimination in the workplace. And each time, she finds her self breaking down in tears.

Her work, her family, her friendships, her physical as well as mental health are all affected. 

What should Mona do about it?

Well, what do you with an intruder – or any intruding force – that harms your being? 

I’m reminded of Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte while once speaking in a public event.

The presidential guard suddenly stepped in during his speech. 

An intruder entered and touched the president’s shoulder: a big cockroach!

The guard acted swiftly and exterminated the intruding cockroach. 

In watching your mind, stand guard over your thoughts and imaginings. Guard it, like a sentinel.

Stand ready to drive away the intruding forces of the enemy that creep up on you – negative thought habits.

I know, I know it’s easier said than done. Especially when they’re deeply entrenched bad habits.

That’s why you need to do battle with them. And you can.

Repel the bad, negative habits. Nurture positive habits that work for you.


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