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Never Walk Away From Your Self

A basic principle in mental health is to never walk away from your self.

Chronic mental health problems, such as involving depression, loneliness, or addiction, always involves “eviction of one’s sense of self.”

This “eviction of one’s sense of self” is worse than being evicted from your home or apartment. It’s deadlier.

never walk away from your self

Last week, Dindo slipped again. He went bingeing again into the porn site he’s trying to avoid. He harbored resentment towards his mother.

He’s been hospitalized before for two weeks due to the shame he’d feel about his secret life.

It’s so difficult for Dindo. The world of loneliness, barrenness, and desolateness he’s living in.

His eviction of his own sense of self makes it so. He needs to learn to support himself when things get tough. He needs to repair and restore his sense of self. 

There are areas of “operation” for this to happen to Dindo:

• upgrade his sense of self that works for him, not against him

• overcome feelings of disconnection and loneliness that lead him to porn

• give himself the gift of his friendship 

• focus on strengthening his self image

• practice the dynamic of self acceptance 

• never give up his sense of self 

• bury his grudges 

• invite what’s positive, not negative 

• visualize success, not failure 

One’s sense of self is a key stop on the road to life recovery and wholeness.

If you bypass this critical key stop, you’ll not reach your goal. You miss your intended destination. 

There are always accompanying negative and spreading results when this quality is missing in people.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, famous plastic surgeon and founder of PsychoCybernetics writes:

“You live when you like your self. You live when the image you carry in your imagination – the image of your self – is pleasant and relaxing for you so that you are not afraid to move out onto the world in broad daylight.”

Never walk away from your self.


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