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From Lamentation to Happiness

Let’s learn to turn from lamentation to happiness.

Is lamentation your way of life?

During this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, we all experience grief. 

We experience the problems, the heartache, the misfortune that has beset us.

Under the weight of all these losses and woes, we feel a need to mourn and lament. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

But lamentation in daily living is something else. Making it as a way of life is another story.

from lamentation to happiness

I’m reminded of this story of a mother and her soldier son serving in the war in Vietnam.

The mother was forever lamenting. Always grieving, imagining things about what may happen to her son. As a result, she’d get unnecessarily sick.

The son once wrote to his mother. And one remark says, “Mother, don’t kill your self before you’re dead!”

In my own life, I’ve known deep grief. I’ve experienced lamentation. I lived through it. 

But my lamentation and grief must somewhere, somehow, come to an end. 

Even amid pain, I would need to find a way to live with myself ... and then gone on to better days.

And that’s what I learned. Learn to live creatively beyond endless lamentation.

During this pandemic, mental health is a big deal. So instead of wallowing in fear and grief, I move toward reaching out to others.

It’s my precious privilege as a psychotherapist. My way of being a constructive member of the human family.

How about you?

You too can be involved. You too can engage in constructive pursuits.

That’s how you reverse lamentation. Through involvement. Through creative living.

You live now – in times of stress, in times of losses, in times of heartbreaks.

And you make sure you use your gifts to share with others. You find meaning and strength in the broken places by doing so.

From lamentation to happiness!


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