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Depression Is Not A Medical Illness

Depression is not a medical illness. Yet the belief that it is, remains being promoted by conventional medicine.

The use of chemicals, such as brain drugs like “anti-depressants,” contributes to the idea that depression is an illness.

“Chemical imbalance” is another label used. It’s most often blamed as the medical problem causing depression. It’s a mere theory though, not a fact.

With depression, there is no objective proof that something is wrong with the tissues or organs of the physical body.

There are no laboratory findings, like blood tests or X-ray results, that show body malfunction in depression.

Thus, depression is not an organic illness.

“I’m depressed most of the time. I feel worthless and guilty and ashamed. I’ve difficulty thinking or making decisions everyday. My emotions repeatedly make me think of ending life,” shared Orlando during a Skype session.

From Orlando’s description of his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, note that there’s little on what he said that can be objectively measured. 

What a person thinks and feels is the reason for the diagnosis of depression.

Dr. Robert D. Smith, therapist and author, writes:

“The diagnosis ‘depression’ is based on thinking and behavior, not on something wrong in the body. The diagnosis is based on subjective criteria – not objective or empirical criteria. Subjective criteria come from the person’s description of his feelings and thoughts. The diagnosis is also based on an interpretation of the individual’s thinking and behavior. There is nothing wrong with any tissues of the body in depression … There are a number of true illnesses that can cause depression, but they will have a truly medical disease label and not just the label ‘depression.’ “

Depression is not a medical illness. Although it’s viewed otherwise by medicine or secular society, that does not make it a fact.

The diagnosis of depression is a philosophical endeavor rather than a scientific endeavor.

Therefore, it is clearly the psychologist or psychotherapist or minister who is the one most qualified to treat the depressed. He is the real expert. Not the psychiatrist or medical doctor.


depression is not a medical illness

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