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When People Drive You Crazy

When people drive you crazy, what do you do? 

There’s no doubt that we get crazy when we don’t get what we want from people.

when people drive you crazy

Shiena was about to blow her lid last night. Her anxious nerves were mixed with anger towards her husband.

She complained about her husband’s insensitivity, criticisms, and lack of attention and care for her.

Surely Shiena can’t control how her husband would behave towards her. And she can’t control what happens to her through her husband’s words.

What she can control is how she responds to it all.

In her response is where her power is.
That takes watching your mind.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz writes, “The mind watcher is the best watcher of all … The mind watcher is keenly aware of the operations in that all-important area – the mind. He is quick to fight off tumors of doubt when they invade. He is quick to ward off the poison of self contempt when it appears…. The mind watcher watches for the better side of himself. He stops, looks, and listens.”

In general, here are things we can do or remember in response to people who irritate or drive us crazy:

1. Breathe deeply and often.

2. To let go.

3. To lead by example.

4. To accept the other person even if he irritates.

5. Remember always that you can’t control other people.

6. People choose what they do with their lives.

7. Don’t take it all personally.

8. Try to see the good in other people.

9. Let go of the expectations you have of others that cause unnecessary frustration, arguments, and bouts of anger.

10. See that when people are difficult, they’re often going through things we don’t know about.

11. Give yourself and others a hand of friendship, empathy, love, and space.

This list requires practice! But it’s worth your time and energy. Your life depends on it!

When we practice these, the benefits are multiple. 

It makes you be more aware and mindful. It lowers your stress, reduces your frustration. It makes your world a better place to be.

“Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” – T.S.Eliot


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