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Ask Yourself 3 Top Questions

Ask yourself 3 top questions. Yes, before it gets too late! Are you ready to meet, just as yourself? My 3 TOP QUESTIONS You Should Ask Your Self TODAY: Am I living for things that matter? Will I have what it takes to face this new stage of life? Do I have a real relationship… Continue reading Ask Yourself 3 Top Questions

Fight When You’re Disoriented

Fight when you’re disoriented. Since last year onwards, I’ve been witnessing a lot of my psychotherapy patients (including myself and family!) cave in at varying degrees of intensity due to the Covid pandemic. I call it psychological disorientation. An altered mental state. It’s often accompanied by a variety of other symptoms, such as confusion, unable… Continue reading Fight When You’re Disoriented

Know Your True Worth and Identity

Know your true worth and identity. In the 1980s, I was a leading chess player, captain, writer, and organizer in my university. I became chess champion. Chess was my life. When graduation came, I became depressed, lost, and anxious. I felt petrified. I didn’t prepare for a life outside chess and the university. I didn’t… Continue reading Know Your True Worth and Identity

Check The Idols Of Your Heart

Check the idols of your heart. A Korean businessman killed himself losing the bulk of his $370 million investment in the stock market. His wife told the press that he just stopped eating, went on a drinking binge for days, and finally decided to kill himself. Something took control of this Korean businessman’s mental state.… Continue reading Check The Idols Of Your Heart

Where Is Your Center?

Where is your center? Most human suffering is caused by a lack of adequate, lasting center. Often, it’s a fragile center called “Me.” This auto-centric orientation cannot satisfy our deepest human needs for very long. Rolly tried everything to satisfy himself – his “Me” center. Wealth. Fame. Possessions. Sex. Family. Travel. Art and creativity. Business… Continue reading Where Is Your Center?

Overcome Financial Self Sabotage

Overcome financial self sabotage. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Agree or disagree? Well, most of you probably will disagree.  And … agree with French author Marie Leneru who wrote in her Journal, “If I were honest, I would admit that money is one half of happiness; it makes it so much more attractive!” Not just making… Continue reading Overcome Financial Self Sabotage

Heal Your Infidelity Wound

Heal your infidelity wound. That entails keys or steps to overcome betrayal or cheating from your spouse or partner. I do a lot of infidelity recovery treatment. It appears to be one of the most needed healing psychotherapies nowadays. Countless couples have entered my session deeply suffering from this kind of psychological and emotional wound.… Continue reading Heal Your Infidelity Wound

Be Confident But Humble

Be confident but humble. There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant. Arrogant people feel entitled born out of insecurity.  They quickly attach themselves to a tangible object, activity, or talent to serve self. Alexandria, 27, was raised in a poor squatter area. Since she found work at age 18, she became increasingly… Continue reading Be Confident But Humble

Should I Stay or Leave?

Should I stay or leave? It’s a common question in situations of infidelity. Those who got hurt by a cheating partner always struggle with that decision. A patient, Rizza, was cheated by her husband multiple times.  Each time she found out, he expressed remorse and would always make up with her. Over Zoom, Rizza said,… Continue reading Should I Stay or Leave?

Free Your Self From Passivity

Mental health is the ability to free your self from passivity. Author Ruth Jhabvala once wrote these lines of passivity, “Take me, make what you will of me, I have joy in my submission.” That’s how a psychotherapy patient, Jill, would think and feel in the way she acts with men.  She feels she’d lose… Continue reading Free Your Self From Passivity

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