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How Do I Know My Spouse Is Changing?

A million-dollar question:  How do I know my spouse is changing? It’s something that always comes up in marital therapy sessions. The betrayed or victim wonders about it. Reality shows us that change must happen if a broken, wounded relationship is to survive. This is especially applicable to cases of emotional trauma involving infidelity. Can… Continue reading How Do I Know My Spouse Is Changing?

Do You Have C-PTSD?

Do you have C-PTSD?  PTSD, a known psychiatric diagnostic category, stands for “post-traumatic stress disorder.”  The attached C stands for “complex.” Nowadays, the C may stand for “Covid” which is a kind of PTSD. Roberto, all these months of Covid, experiences serious difficulties – physically and mentally.  He has difficulties sleeping, eating, and resuming his… Continue reading Do You Have C-PTSD?

Books That Heal Mental Disorders

Psychotherapy advocates books that heal mental disorders. It’s called “Bibliotherapy.” As the applied words of writer W. Somerset Maughan put it, “To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for your self a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.” Chris is my 28–year-old long time therapy patient. He’s an avid reader of… Continue reading Books That Heal Mental Disorders

When Being False To The Truth

Psychotherapy heals by truth, so it necessarily directly deals with “being false to the truth.” Because … it’s truth that sets us free. Yet this remains a major problem of humankind. There is an enemy within. This disorder gets worsened for persons going through unmanageable mental and spiritual problems.  Especially those who sabotage themselves and… Continue reading When Being False To The Truth

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