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Can You See Your Life As A Dream?

Can you see your life as a dream?

Life is a dream. All things that happen in our lives arise from a foundation of impermanence.

I remember my three children when they were cute babies and so soft and little. 

Sweet, happy memories I have of my cuddling, hugging, kissing, and playing with them would make my day full of joy.

can you see life as a dream?

But today, they’re all grown. They’ve become big. No longer small. 

A lot of adult stuff and demands now occupy and crowd their time and headspace.

My children and their reality have changed. And will continue to change. No matter how much I miss and long for their earliest, childhood years.

You can’t control reality and keep it still. It never stops moving. It constantly changes.  And it becomes something else.

In life’s struggles, such as where we are now globally in the Coronavirus pandemic, we wonder how circumstances can change.

“When will this end?” people have been painfully asking. Many are getting too tired. And on the brink of giving up. Some have already done so.

If you’re hurt, tired, lacking something, or having bad days that you want to give up, can you see your life as a dream?

Stuck? Your life in a persistent cycle of trauma, abuse, addiction, or deprivation?

Remind your self that this too shall pass. It won’t last forever. So don’t hold on to it.

Simply take action. Just open your self up to the flux of life. And see what comes up next. 

Prepare for it. Accept it. 

And welcome your brightest hope coming at the end of and beyond your dream.

“Problems and stressful situations  are not as solid and unchanging as they appear … Seeing everything as a dream can help you to let go and go with the flow of events.” — Jessica Davidson

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