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Avoid Getting Jealous

“Avoid getting jealous” is a mental health slogan worth remembering.

Pay attention when you feel jealous. Notice what’s under the surface, which is commonly insecurity or self-pity.

Jealousy is especially rooted in thoughts and feelings of not having enough or being good enough. 

“It’s the hardest time of my life, doc. My wife left me for another man who’s much younger and had a lucrative job. I never imagined she’s capable of that, I pitied myself and felt jealous,” recalled Bob over 15 years ago after he discovered his wife’s infidelity.

Bob got stuck feeling sorry for himself and the unfairness of it all. The more he obsessed over how much “better” the OP (other person) was, the worst he felt about himself.

It then went out of control for a time and fed his depression and hopelessness. He allowed jealousy and insecurity to take over his life.

avoid getting jealous
Photo: Bobby Fischer

Jealousy is a way that you hide from your fears and insecurities.

The psychological slogan challenges those self-undermining and sabotaging  beliefs. 

Consider 3 keys to overcome the bad psychological effects of jealousy: 



Joy for others.

To avoid getting jealous, the slogan gets you to develop the healthy practice of “accepting your self as you are.” Practice kindness and compassion towards yourself. Get reminded of all your positive personal qualities, talents and gifts.

Gratitude is another key for  self-healing and life change. Flip jealousy and turn it to gratitude about the good things that you already have in your life in front of you. Appreciate what you do have, such as good health, friends, or work, and be thankful for them.

And another one to check your jealousy is to practice experiencing joy for the happiness of others. Feeling joy for the happiness of others will help you reduce your pain and suffering. Such an internal attitude enriches your being – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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