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Let Truth Heal and Free You

Mental health is the ability to let truth heal and free you.

Most certainly, on an emotional level, we wrestle with lies we tell ourselves and others. 

Truth and lies. We either live with truth or we live with lies.

They’re enemies fighting for the possession of our mind, soul, and relationships.

Susan was obviously full of miseries. Everything was going wrong in her life. She’s depressed, getting so sick, and feeling deeply guilty.

She was rushed to the hospital emergency room for treatment. She became very dizzy, panicky, and had been experiencing severe stomach aches.

A few days right after the treatment, she sat nervously on the edge of her seat, unsure where to begin her confession to her father.

let truth heal and free you
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“What seems to bother you so much, my dear?” her father asked her.

 “Dad, I don’t know what to say, but I’ve been lying to and hiding from you about Mom for many years now. Since she left overseas and separated from you, she’s living with another man and had contracted a fake marriage before she died. So here, see these, I have two marriage certificates – one has your name and the other document has the name of Mom’s ‘fake’ husband. I arranged for the falsification of the document, Dad, I’m so sorry, please forgive me,” Susan tearfully confessed.

Immediately afterward, Susan’s father who forgave her, asked how she felt. Wiping away tears, she responded simply, “Cleansed.”

What was the cause of Susan’s miseries in her life?

A lie. Carrying a secret. She believed a lie she’s telling herself for years and this was the fundamental reason for her miseries. 

That is a critically important truth – and the major premise of Susan’s confession to her father. Until she finally identified the lies and replace them with the truth, her healing and emotional wellness is not possible

Truth is like surgery. It hurts. But it cures. A lie is like a painkiller. It provides instant relief. But it has bad side effects forever.

Let truth heal and free you.

“Truth produces emotional health. Lies produce emotional misery … lies are beliefs, attitudes, or expectations that don’t fit reality … truth is reality as it is, not as it seems to be.” – Dr. Chris Thurman

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