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Detach From Drama Over Situations

Detach from drama over situations, even major ones. 

Get into the flow of detaching from the triggers of what people say or do that try to control your reality.

Knowingly create your own reality for whatever moment you’re in. And be unclouded by the opinions or actions of those around you.

When Diane was whining and creating drama for the umpteenth time about a situation over which she had no control, her husband remarked,

“So what? No big deal!”

She was hurt. Startled. Irritated. And proceeded to argue with her husband that only further hurt her feelings.

Little did Diane realize at the moment that her husband was providing her a great service. He was teaching her healthy detachment for her mental health.

stop creating drama over situations

Some of us like drama. They create drama over very minor  things that are often repeated. Truth is, we don’t need to dramatize even major, complicated situations.

The drama is often associated with the need to control. People who feel the need to control what others feel, think, or do, have no control over themselves.

We can stay calm. Remain silent. Do nothing. We can be relaxed about anything that is happening in front of us.

And here is what author Karen Casey says about how to do it – “When we allow God into the mix of the resolution, calm can prevail.”

At times, I find myself constantly needing this reminder. For I can also be a bit too reactive towards people or situations.

Knowing that I can choose my own reality and feel “peace over drama” is healing and lifesaving. My only problem is I have to be reminded by me to practice it!

Don’t give up your life for the moment to what people say and do to make you angry or hurt. With practice, you can choose instead to create your own reality and peace over drama.

Casey further explains,

“Making the decision to thoroughly enjoy this or any other day is pretty simple. It relies on our willingness to not let the actions of others take over our minds. We are in charge of what we think, what we say, what we do.”

Yes, don’t forget: detach from drama over situations and you’ll be far better for it.

“The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.” — Francis Jeffrey

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