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Let Go Of Resentment

Let go of resentment. Strive to move on and live your best life.

Have you heard of Betty Broderick? 

Hers is a story of deadly resentment – the bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

In 1989, she murdered her 44-year-old ex-husband and his 28-year-old “other woman” mistress-turned wife in their home.

For years prior to the murder, Betty harbored extreme resentment, anger, and revenge toward her husband for his betrayal and infidelity/divorce.

She obsessed over it. Resentment controlled her. She thought it as the worst thing that happened to her. That gave it unnecessary power over her whole life.

Betty is still alive, now 73. Over 30 years of that and onwards are continually being spent imprisoned in the California Institution for Women without parole.

let go of resentment
Photo: Times of San Diego

Resentment is a killer. It steals. It murders. It blocks your personal serenity. It imprisons you in one place and takes away your freedom.

That’s exactly the root of what happened to Betty. She  allowed deadly resentment, rage, and revenge to grow inside and eat her up. 

Instead of moving on to her best life, the hurts festered and resulted in bitterness. She has been figuratively and literally a prisoner of her own making.

The many years after her husband’s infidelity have all been wasted. Betty missed out on living a new best life for herself – possibly remarrying to a better spouse, being and making up with her children, and enjoying freedom.

The case of Betty teaches us once more to recognize the importance and power of the mind for healing.

As Dr. Viktor Frankl, the noted psychiatrist and author of the best selling book “Man’s Search for Meaning,” has stated,

“If one cannot change a situation that causes his suffering, he still can choose his attitude.”

This strong statement demonstrates that the way in which we see events is a powerful psychological healing skill.

It’s totally possible to survive by using thoughts for healing rather than prolonging the pain.

Let go of resentment. Get on with your life.

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