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Remember Life’s 4 Essentials

Remember life’s 4 essentials for they form the basis of all your thoughts, choices, and experiences.

Life’s essentials are things you can’t avoid in our temporal existence in this world.

There are 4 essentials or “basic facts of life” in our joint earthly journey:





Never forget these 4 things to guide your life. Your attitudes towards each one of them will determine how you live.

Everything that you think, feel, say, and do will always fall within the bounds of these 4 essentials or basics.

remember life’s 4 essentials

When Marissa, 31, attempted to commit suicide, she said that she has had enough of her life. “I don’t see anymore point in continuing to live,” she remarked during one of our Viber sessions.

Marissa suffered a number of major losses almost all at the same time:  her job, her boyfriend, her mother, and the home where she lived. Grief simply overwhelmed her, which almost took her life.

There it is in Marissa’s case. Her particular feelings about life, death, karma, and suffering strongly influenced all her thoughts and actions – whether she’s aware of it or not.

Isn’t it so often that people would prefer to look the other way rather than come to terms with these basic facts of life?

You don’t like the reality of pain in your losses. You don’t like the reality of people and things changing. You don’t like the reality of running out of money that you can’t buy food. You don’t like reality that you’ll get sick and die one day. 

But that is LIFE. It’s what all of us can never avoid.

This reminder frees your mind by training you to face up to the basic facts of life instead of escaping from them.

That means taking personal responsibility for the fact that you are alive. That means the willingness to deal with whatever comes your way.

Remember life’s 4 essentials. Your life’s happiness depends on how you approach those 4 basic facts of life.

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