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How Reality Is Lost or Obscured

Especially in addictions, reality is lost or obscured in a person’s mind.

It’s typical and common, among a wide assortment of addictions existing nowadays.

Ravi Zacharias, who died a few months ago, was a brilliant mind in Bible apologetics and ethics and noted author of books.

He has been in the news headlines for the past few weeks now due to a sex scandal that was unearthed about him.

According to official findings, Ravi had sexually abused several women. All, while in the course of his doing ministry running a global organization.

One investigative report revealed the testimony of one of the women who became his victim.

She testified that he invited her to pray with him for the “blessing” after sexually abusing her.

how reality is lost or obscured

How shocking this can be for many!
Dr. Patrick Carnes, a renowned expert in sex addiction, has written in his book “Contrary to Love” of 3 ways that reality is lost or obscured:

1. Reality is honestly not perceived by the addict.

2. Addicts misperceive or distort reality.

3. Addicts ignore or deny reality.

Cultural denial also plays an influence on the mindset of addicts’ view of reality.

As Nietzsche said, we give things power when we deny their existence.

In healing from addictions, such as in sex, it’s important to grasp very well how reality is lost or obscured in the addict’s mind.

Sex therapy expert Dr. Carnes offers an insight on healing and life recovery in this area, stating that …

“In order to recover, addicts have to make a commitment to face reality. No other option exists. Their capacity to delude themselves is so great, they have to commit to a process which keeps them from the old delusional patterns. In recovery, addicts recognize the ongoing need for feedback.”

The “feedback” mechanism in the treatment process keeps the reality in focus.

The psychotherapist and the support groups such as families or 12-step groups serve as a standard reality test for the addict in curing his reality delusion.



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