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Body Scan to Heal Your Wounds

Body Scan to heal your wounds. That’s what you do when catching your moments.

One of the essential areas to heal is growing awareness of your body senses.

Your body is sensitive. When you’re going through something, the body provides you with indicators.

“I can’t explain it, while walking, I suddenly became tense and started having a pain in my neck and shoulders. My chest constricts,” said Angelica recounting a past experience after work.

“Wooohh, where is that coming from? I just cried,” she continued. 

She rushed to the ER of a nearby hospital. After a few hours, the doctors couldn’t find anything medical or physical wrong with her.

More likely, Angelica’s condition was psychological rather than physical in origin. Her body was just letting her know about it through sensory cues.

One way of dealing with this is “body scan” as an initial step. It involves practicing mindful attention to your body and senses.

Psychotherapist Dr. Steven Farmer writes about an exercise on how it can be learned.

Here in part:
“Sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Notice your breathing. Pay attention to the rising of your chest when you exhale. Let your breathing get a little deeper each time. Count your breathing in sets of 4 then begin with 1 again… If any thoughts come up, simply let them pass on by in your consciousness. Now pay attention to your skin. Notice its coolness or its warmth, the differences in temperature on different parts of your body. Feel the weight and texture of your clothes against your skin. Feel the pressure of your body on the surface upon which it rests. Notice anything else that comes to your attention. Now notice any areas of muscle tension, and as you do, simply breathe out the tension and let the muscles relax …”

There it is! 

A picture of body scan – being more deeply aware or noticing of sounds, sensations, and cues in your body and around you.

Practice body scan more consistently, especially to catch your “moments.” 

With it, you learn to pick up important troubling body sensory cues that you need to manage when called for.

That helps mend your “inner split,” especially when you’re going through unresolved issues of personal trauma.

Body scan to heal your wounds. It paves the way for effective recovery.

“All diseases of the body proceed from the mind or soul.” – Plato


body Scan to heal

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