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Unrealistic Expectations Are Unhealthy

Unrealistic expectations are unhealthy. They can be a heavy burden. It’s not easy or light, psychologically.

“He’s an impossible boss doc. Even with positive  results, you won’t hear him say ‘Good job!’ remarked Boris of the unrealistic expectations of his employer.

A once-dedicated 21-year-old budding writer loses his love for the art. 

It’s because he’s often told by his parents that there’s no money in it. Parents can have unrealistic expectations.

The husband erodes his joy in his job. 

It’s because he never seems able to please his wife about his salary. Wives can have unrealistic expectations.

A young son frowns and glares at his Dad.

It’s because he could not afford to give him the money he wants for his business venture. Adult children can have unrealistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectations, as we see, are unhealthy. 

They sabotage our dreams, harm our relationships, and could lead us in the wrong life directions.

As I reflect on unrealistic expectations, I try to get a sense of balance. For I don’t want to mean to have a life of mediocrity or not doing one’s best.

No, that’s not how I look at it.

I think of several “natural truths” to give clarity to what I mean to mean.








So without these “natural truths,” we draw false conclusions. We feel negative feelings. And we act in unkind ways or get stuck whenever we or someone falls short.

Psych Central published an article written by Margarita Tartakovsky on “How to Relinquish Unrealistic Expectations.”

It quotes Dr. Selena Snow who said, “Unrealistic expectations are potentially damaging because they set us and others up for failure.”

The article prescribes a number of practical tips in facing unrealistic expectations, such as curiosity, humor, deep personal reflection, compassion, among others.

Read more from that helpful piece.

Unrealistic expectations are unhealthy


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