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Stop Comparing Your Self with Others

Listen very carefully: stop comparing your self with others.

Well, it’s something you know already. Right? Yet it remains easier said than done.

Especially nowadays, the number of categories through which we can compare ourselves to others are infinite!

Cars. Houses. Degrees. Titles. Sexy Body. Number of Friends. Families. Business success. Clients. Sales. Project output. Membership statistics. Facebook likes!

I once saw a local news item: one female celebrity singer unplugged from social media. 

According to her, she found herself constantly comparing herself with others. 

Results are predictable. When you compare your self with others.

Your mental health suffers. You begin to feel unnecessary pain in your overall well being.

The list of psychological effects of comparison is long. 

Negative and anxious thoughts (over-rumination). High anxiety and depression. Overspending to “keep up.” Among many.

Comparisons disgust. If you want to be a miserable human being, then compare! Remain focused on what’s wrong with you.

“My Mom always compares me with my sister. She’d say ‘Why can’t you be like your sister?’ and I found myself always going nuts!,” Dina shared during our Skype psychotherapy session.

Dina got addicted to alcohol. She’s repairing her very low self confidence in pursuing her dreams. 

Children do get wounded when parents practice comparison among them. It’s worse than unfair. 

It’s a stupid, cruel way to parent!

Guess what more happens to Dina?

She keeps being held back by her constant comparing her self with others.

Yes, sadly … through an unconscious force of habit. She got imprinted.

What can you do to stop comparing your self with others?

Writer Rachel Cruze recommends several “do’s and dont’s:” gratitude, contentment, focus on your strengths, celebrating, competing with your self instead of others, among several.

stop comparing your self with others

Take heed. Stop comparing your self with others.

Your life may depend on it.


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