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Your Mission Gives Your Life Meaning

Your mission gives your life meaning. It fulfills one of life’s “ultimate concerns.”

Look what happens when you don’t have a mission. A purpose … a meaning … in your journey of life.

Dr. Viktor Frankl, founder of Logotherapy, calls it various names:  “malaise of the soul,” “existential vacuum,” “existential frustration.”

Or, in simple language, boredom.

To fill the void of existence, “substitutes” happen for those who can’t find their “real” mission.

Drugs. Alcohol. Gambling. Activism. Erotic addictions. Frenetic diversions.

One of my long time clients, David, 27, still struggles with his “real” mission.

“Life is absurd for me. Nothing. By age 30, I’ll be gone to the forest. Die there, the rest of my life,” he’d repeatedly tell me.

What a hard life! 

With no mission. No clear purpose and meaning of one’s existence.

French writer Simon Weil pointed out that these mission “substitutes” are suicidal behavior.

your mission gives your life meaning

He writes,
“If the purpose of your existence is to escape life, you are actually seeking death.”

I read a study about the workplace that majority of heart attacks among employees happen on Monday mornings when they get back to work.

The study explains the unfortunate phenomenon: many employees carry the burden of their jobs like a heavy boulder around their necks!

On the other hand there are employees who have discovered their mission in the workplace as well as their lives.

They’re the ones who thrive and get happy whatever obstacles, problems, or sufferings they’re in.

How true is Nietsche’s  saying,
“He who has a why to live for can bear any how.”

Your mission gives your life meaning.

As psychotherapist Fr. John Monborquette writes about the essence of mission as a life project:

“The impact of your life project is much wider than you can imagine. By realizing your mission, you are connecting yourself to ‘energy fields’ in the universe.”


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