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Stumbling? Just Get Up!

Stumbling? Just get up! Don’t beat yourself up for stumbling.

Keep that priceless counsel all the days of your life.

To stumble is human. Normal. Nobody is perfect. 

If you are stumbling, welcome to the club. It guarantees you’re a fellow human.

Psychotherapy is in the business of stumbling.

Sessions are populated by humans who stumble. Including the therapist or counselor!

I cannot remember a single soul who enters therapy without some stumbling experiences. 

That includes me, a fellow traveler. Believe me, I have.

Let me go on to mention that there’s one area where we often stumble and hurt ourselves.

Can you guess it?

We often stumble in “what we say” or “how we say it.”  Yes, both the what and how.

The tongue is a stumbler! Out of control. And that’s not difficult to discover. We all have experienced this.

No matter how you stumbled, there will always be people who will embarrass, hold you down, or bad-mouth you.

Ignore them! 

They’re forgetting or denying that they’re also stumblers. Don’t give them consent to beat yourself up.

Simply get up when you stumble … over and over and over again. 

Brush off the dirt and move on.

Hear what Dr. Chuck Swindoll said, in his book “Seasons of Life:”

“Perhaps you have just stumbled … You feel guilty, you feel like a failure. You wish like crazy you had never opened your mouth … or done what you did … or responded like that. You’re miserable, discouraged, and you’d like to hide, or better still – crawl off and die. Ridiculous! Get up out of that pool of self pity, brush off the dirt with the promise of God’s forgiveness – and move on.”

Dr. Swindoll wraps it well:

“Stumblers who give up are a dime a dozen. In fact, they’re useless. Stumblers who get up are rare. In fact, they’re priceless.”

stumbling? just get up!


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