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Choose To Come Home

When you choose to come home, then why? Over the years, I had family members or relatives who went to immigrate to the US. Not all of them stayed to pursue the so-called “American Dream.” Some of them chose to happily come home – back to the Philippines. A Mental Health & Lifestyle Study posed… Continue reading Choose To Come Home

Benefit Your Health By Forgiveness

Benefit your health by forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can bring many benefits to our lives. When we forgive, we release negative emotions and make space for positive feelings such as compassion and empathy. Here are some of the benefits of forgiveness: In conclusion, forgiveness is a powerful tool that can bring many… Continue reading Benefit Your Health By Forgiveness

Learn To Overcome Painful Feelings

Learn to overcome painful feelings. Experiencing feelings of betrayal, for example, can be extremely painful. They can linger for a long time if not addressed properly. Here are some tips to release painful feelings of betrayal: Releasing painful feelings of betrayal takes time, patience, and self-compassion. By acknowledging your emotions, seeking support, and engaging in… Continue reading Learn To Overcome Painful Feelings

Understand Self Deception

Understand self deception. Self-deception is the act of fooling oneself into believing something that is not true. It is a common human tendency to deceive oneself, often unknowingly. Self-deception can take many forms, from minor exaggerations to outright delusions. It can be a defense mechanism to protect oneself from unpleasant truths or a way to… Continue reading Understand Self Deception

Think Subida In Your Life

Think Subida in your life. When I was a teenager, a yoga teacher who happened to be a celebrity singer, asked me: “You have a beautiful name! Do you know what it means?” In Spanish, the word “Subida” means ascent or the act of climbing or going up in the English translation. The celebrity singer-yogi… Continue reading Think Subida In Your Life

When Dealing with Shallow People

What do you do when dealing with shallow people? Dealing with shallow and superficial people can be a challenge. But it’s important to remember that their behavior is not a reflection of your worth or value as a person. Here are some strategies that can help you handle shallow and superficial people: In conclusion, handling… Continue reading When Dealing with Shallow People

Do You Have Idols of the Heart?

Do yo have idols of the heart? Psychopathology and idolatry are often closely linked. In today’s post, I borrow from DR. PETER TANCHI who TOUCHES ON IDOLATRY AND GOD’s DISCIPLINE Scripture clearly describes idolatry as sin detested and punished by God. Idolatry is abandoning the ways of God for another aim. Money. People. Possessions. Work.… Continue reading Do You Have Idols of the Heart?

Distance To Save Your Life

Distance to save your life and heart. At times, distance from another is the healthy response, especially from those who don’t value you. A common advice is to push you to address or confront directly a person when you’ve a problem. But there are situations when it’s not always the best way. Richard has adult… Continue reading Distance To Save Your Life

Know That You Can Rise From The Dead

Do you know that you can rise from the dead? As I write this, it’s Easter Sunday.THE LORD IS RISEN! When Life Beats You Down, Remember Who You Are. No matter your pain or circumstances.THE DEATH OF DEATH THROUGH CHRIST’s RESURRECTION Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who… Continue reading Know That You Can Rise From The Dead

Find Ultimate Healing

Find ultimate healing in your life. HAVE YOU WATCHED MEL GIBSON’S MOVIE, “THE PASSION OF CHRIST?” It’s a highest grossing US film with $370.8 million! Worldwide, it raised $611 million! Mel Gibson shelled out $30 million out of his own pocket to produce it because no studio would take it. Most importantly, the film caused… Continue reading Find Ultimate Healing

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