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Choose To Come Home

When you choose to come home, then why?

choose to come home

Over the years, I had family members or relatives who went to immigrate to the US. Not all of them stayed to pursue the so-called “American Dream.”

Some of them chose to happily come home – back to the Philippines.

A Mental Health & Lifestyle Study posed the question:


Look at possible reasons cited by some sociological studies and psychological researches done on Filipino American immigration history, here below:

GOT HOMESICK: Desire to be closer to loved ones, family, and friends. Living overseas can be too stressful. Many experience feelings of isolation and loneliness.

DIFFICULTY ADJUSTING TO LIFE IN THE U.S.: The Philippines and the United States are two different cultures. It can take time to adjust to a different culture or a new way of life. Some Filipinos return to Philippines because this is where they’re more at home or comfortable.

In comparison to living in the U.S., rent, transportation, food, utilities… it’s all mind-bogglingly cheaper in the Philippines – you can cut your expenses in over 50% here!

ONE’S INTERESTS/CAREER GOALS MORE ALIGNED WHEN IN PHILIPPINES: Some see better work or business opportunities and visions in the Philippines than in the US that are more aligned to one’s personal preference, passion, and talents.

RISE OF NEW ECONOMY: Work can be “location-independent” nowadays. Many become millionaires due to internet and global technology where you can live and do work anywhere you prefer.

PERSONAL REASONS: Such as desire to get married, start a business, pursue further education, health or spiritual issues, freedom, happiness, life adventures, or travel in the Philippines.

Ultimately, of course, only the person who “migrates” back to Philippines after “immigrating” to the USA can say the real “reasons” and his/her real motives.

When you choose to come home, it’s often being truly who you are.

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