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Forgiveness Does Not Equal Trust

Forgiveness does not equal trust. That is inevitable hard reality in human relationships. Since trust is a fragile thing, it needs time and process to be repaired when broken. “Why can’t you move on from here and trust me. I already told you the other woman is gone!” David told his wife Dina during a… Continue reading Forgiveness Does Not Equal Trust

To Forgive Is Letting Go Of Past Hurts

To forgive is letting go of past hurts. Forgiveness and your past hurts. They do seem to always conflict. Let’s understand a bit more here this known scientific healing factor called forgiveness. And how it relates to past hurts – whether it’s for self-forgiveness or other-forgiveness. Remember Timon and Pumba from The Lion King?  They… Continue reading To Forgive Is Letting Go Of Past Hurts

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