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It’s a highest grossing US film with $370.8 million! Worldwide, it raised $611 million!

Mel Gibson shelled out $30 million out of his own pocket to produce it because no studio would take it.

Most importantly, the film caused multitudes around the world to find ultimate healing in knowing Christ and finding salvation.

Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in the film, was reportedly warned by Mel Gibson that he could be marginalized in Hollywood if he accepts it.

Caviezel responded: “I think we have to do it even if it’s hard. And one more thing, my initials is J.C. and I’m 33 years old. I hadn’t realized it until now.”

To which Gibson candidly reacted, “You’re scaring me.”

Strange things happened to Jim Caviezel during and after the filming:
– he lost 45 pounds
– he got struck by lightning
– accidentally whipped 2x leaving a 14-inch scar
– dislocated his shoulder and suffered pneumonia and hypothermia
– had to undergo 2 open heart surgeries after the production

Luca Lionello, the artist who played Judas, was a declared atheist before filming began.
He eventually converted, confessed and baptized his children.

Pedro Sarubbi, who played Barrabas, when playing that part felt that it wasn’t Caviezel who looked at him but Jesus Christ himself.
“His eyes had no hatred or resentment towards me, only mercy and love,” he remarked.

One of the tech chiefs in the film who was Muslim converted to Christianity.

Some producers claimed to have seen some people dressed in white giving advice, who at the end of the recordings did not reappear.

In the end, Jim Caviezel proudly proclaims his faith in Christ in the midst of Hollywood ungodliness.

He stepped forward to do what may not sound “fun” but which conveys God’s Word and the story of ultimate healing and His salvation to mankind.

Like Jim and others, you can know how to find healing in your mind, heart, and soul.

find ultimate healing Sources/Credits: Yasiru Lakshitha /Wikipedia

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