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Experience Joy Even In Suffering

Experience joy even in suffering. “And when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.” (Matthew 2:10) There are two extreme adversities that have disturbed the Philippines this year 2021.  One is Covid. The other is Odette. Each one brought its own set of multiple devastations to the lives of Filipinos. These are… Continue reading Experience Joy Even In Suffering

Love To Walk Each Day

Love to walk each day. Walk your way to health. Walking puts you in touch with humanity, God’s creations. St. Augustine once said, “Solvitur Ambulando” – it is solved by walking. My work involves a lot of sitting and aloneness, talking with people from different parts of the world, and writing. So I’ve come to… Continue reading Love To Walk Each Day

Are You A Hurting Parent?

Are you a hurting parent? If you are, you are not alone. I can understand. I know. “Doc, my daughter wrote me off and asked me not to get in touch with her as soon as she landed a job overseas. It’s so painful. I sacrificed a lot for her so she could finish her… Continue reading Are You A Hurting Parent?

Make The Most Of Your Youth

Make the most of your youth. Childhood and youth are fleeting. Make the best of it. You pass this way only once. Chess was my art and game during my youth. As a shy, thin boy then, with my cousins. My art and game got me full high school and university scholarships for all years… Continue reading Make The Most Of Your Youth

Dissolve Your Vanity or Ego

Young or old, dissolve your vanity or ego before it dissolves your character and soul. “It’s hard to live with him doc, he’s full of himself, always critical, I think you call it egotist,” cried Sally in describing her husband during one of our Viber sessions.  “He’s like a volcano, erupting even with the slightest… Continue reading Dissolve Your Vanity or Ego

Why Should You Work?

Why should you work? Many people have difficulty understanding that work is more than earning money or doing what you do to survive. I once visited a nursing home for retired, elderly people. It’s comfortable. A leisure-oriented facility. Very social too. I started asking people there how they’re doing. Then I got struck by one… Continue reading Why Should You Work?

Resist The Critical Spirit

Resist the critical spirit, the judgmental bent, especially among your loved ones.  “Bawal judgmental!” as one Filipino talk show host playfully put it. It’s for your best personal mental health. No one wants to live with a critical, judgmental person. It sucks the life out of you, anytime. “It’s hard to live with my husband.… Continue reading Resist The Critical Spirit

Laugh In The Places You Have Cried

Yesterday, I just read a quote which said: “Go laugh in the places you have cried. Change the narrative.” That sort of what happened to Roberto. Almost 20 years ago, his wife shockingly left him and flew to a different country to live with another man. She abandoned him with their 3 young kids. Their… Continue reading Laugh In The Places You Have Cried

Break Free From Your Trauma Cycle

Mental health is to break free from your trauma cycle. Psychologist Dr. Tracy Hutchinson writes on how to process it. “Many people are able to process the trauma and see it in a more positive perspective through counseling, social support, or through support of the community like a spiritual congregation. Unfortunately, for many, previous ‘hard… Continue reading Break Free From Your Trauma Cycle

Don’t Waste Your Life

Don’t waste your life. To put it in another way, it means don’t waste your time. In a Pinterest graphic, 12 time wasters are beautifully and briefly identified and described. They are, namely: Lack of priorities; Waiting for inspiration; Doing everything by yourself; Worrying about what people say; Not living your life; The fear; Complaining;… Continue reading Don’t Waste Your Life

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