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Be Your Own Unique Self

Be your own unique self.

You are unique. There’s only one you. Your individual voice is always unique.

But much of life could interfere with the development and expression of your uniqueness.

Meet Carla, for example. She’s a talented painter who entered our therapy session with much tears.

“I want to be an artist, not a nurse!” she blurted out.

She wanted out of her current nursing employment in the hospital where her mother was one of the MDs.

She said it’s her mother who “forced” her to go into nursing. It was not her college or career choice.

Carla’s feeling was, she’s in a kind of linear race. There’s a landmark placed by her Mom and their generations of doctors. She had to arrive on time or fail.

Then finally, she broke down. She has had enough. After sufficient time in therapy sorting things out, she decided to leave nursing and purse a career in painting.

A year later after our sessions, she sent me a text message. It’s her hearty invitation for me to her Art Gallery exhibit of her painting works in Ateneo.

be your own unique self

Carla, despite all her past pains, has become a budding painter poised for public success and recognition.

It became possible only after she shed all that interfered with her true identity and uniqueness. She found courage to no longer be bound by the need to conform or seek approval.

Be your own unique self. You deserve it.

“I am eighty. So now I take chances I never took before. You see, the stakes are not so high. I can afford it. I used to be so much more careful. No wrong notes. Not too bold ideas … Now I let go and enjoy myself and to hell with everything but music.” – Arthur Rubinstein, famous pianist

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