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Have The Right Perspective

Have the right perspective to heal you.

Psychopathology is based on a wrong perspective of reality. The wrong perspective creates bad consequences to one’s life.

Often wounded emotions are involved in clouding or falsifying one’s view of reality. Mina, for instance, shouted “You’re my Dad!” to her husband when he’s not.

Mina lived within her feelings of shame for many years. It’s her reality since her Dad raped her when she was a child.

In her post-marriage honeymoon, she experienced a sudden psychological breakdown. She pushed her new husband away and began to sob.

Mina’s going into therapy comes at a point of deep exhaustion. She wants to finally stop continually living within the same wounded emotions.

In therapy, she learned to step back to see what really is. Her emergent self awareness then paved the way to her ability to have the right perspective in dealing with her emotions.

have the right perspective

“Many of the lies you tell yourself have been around for a long time, some even since early childhood. You’ve listened to these lies play in your mind for so long, they may actually seem to be true even though they are really lies. The longer and more frequently a lie is played, the more deeply you believe it to be true. Many lie tapes play in your mind without your even knowing it. They play unconsciously when life presses the ‘Play’ button through some kind of circumstance. Unconscious or not, these tapes dramatically affect your feelings and actions each day.” — Dr. Chris Thurman

“When you embrace your suffering with mindfulness, you discover that your suffering carries within it the suffering of your father, your mother, and your ancestors, as well as the suffering of your people, your nation, and the world. Many of us may have experienced moments of acute sadness, fear, or despair that we don’t understand. We don’t know where the feelings come from. When you look deeply enough, you are able to see the deep roots that may be ancestral suffering passed down to you. This helps you transform the suffering, reducing the pain and despair you feel.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


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