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Never Walk Away From Your Self

A basic principle in mental health is to never walk away from your self. Chronic mental health problems, such as involving depression, loneliness, or addiction, always involves “eviction of one’s sense of self.” This “eviction of one’s sense of self” is worse than being evicted from your home or apartment. It’s deadlier. Last week, Dindo… Continue reading Never Walk Away From Your Self

Dealing with “Ghosting”

Dealing with “ghosting” can be a mental health issue faced in personal relationships. “Ghosting,” based on the Oxford Languages, is defined as: “the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation, withdrawing from all communications” Minda was frustrated, upset, and confused. Her daughter suddenly cut communications with her since landing… Continue reading Dealing with “Ghosting”

Books Are Good For Your Brain

Books are good for your brain. That’s what the neuroscientists and psychologists would tell us. Last year, especially during the early months of the pandemic, people were locked down.  They’ve a lot of “mental chatter” dealing with the impact of the virus in our lives. It only makes things worse psychologically and emotionally for many.… Continue reading Books Are Good For Your Brain

Debts and Mental Health

Debts and mental health: How are you paying off your debts? Ask Ralph Waldo Emerson. He said, “Pay every debt as if God wrote the bill.” This pandemic, we live in a time with too much accumulating debts.  Incurred not just by people, but also by governments. They’re debts to address the impact of damage… Continue reading Debts and Mental Health

Habits That Work For You

Develop habits that work for you. Not against you.  In psychotherapy and life recovery, we need to be on constant lookout. We hunt for and discern the nature of our habits in our minds. Habits that work for you include habits such as: eating fruits and vegetables, exercise, enough sleep, being kind or encouraging to… Continue reading Habits That Work For You

Stop Quitting And Start Training

Stop quitting and start training. Never give up. Train your self to rise above your crises. Adversity reveals the stuff you’re made of.  When you find your self quitting on you and your life, it’s time to stop quitting and start training. During the terror reign of Adolf Hitler, the Jews were being hunted. They’re… Continue reading Stop Quitting And Start Training

Healing from Death

Healing from death. It’s deeply an ever-present cry in the human heart. On facing death, noted psychotherapist and author, Dr. Irvin Yalom, writes, “The physicality of death destroys us, but the idea of death saves us.” “I can’t take it anymore!” says a well known local actress on the impending death of a sick friend. … Continue reading Healing from Death

Learn to Think Clear and Pure

To reach your goals – what you want for your life – you need to learn to think clear and pure. That takes concentration. With effort – enough or more. The point is, it can be done. It’s self-evident that you cannot think clear and pure without concentration. If your thoughts fly here and there,… Continue reading Learn to Think Clear and Pure

What Are “False Values?”

What are “false values?” An article from Bright Side cites 9 false values that modern society imposes upon us. One is this one:  “A successful person should have a car, an apartment, and the latest iPhone.”  A Chinese client, Wong, came from a rich taipan family.  Five years after college, he had a nervous breakdown.… Continue reading What Are “False Values?”

You Must Accept Your Self Come What May

You must accept your self come what may. Healing through self acceptance is to tell yourself to accept yourself. Warts and all. A lot of people are depressed, insecure, or addicted due to a lack of or inadequate self acceptance.  As we walk around this confused world, we’re bombarded with so many false values. False… Continue reading You Must Accept Your Self Come What May

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