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Your Life Depends On Stable Data

Your life depends on stable data. Stable data and mental health go together.

One definition of sanity states that it’s “the ability to tolerate confusion and to recognize a stable datum.”

We may call it the “stable data principle” of mental health.

In every person, there appears a “gradient scale” of the relative values of stable data. The subjective value of “facts” especially in relation to emotions.

Stable data are self evident thinking tools. 

They’re permanent, inflexible, reliable, and authoritative reference points of reality.

They’re incontestable facts of life, such as natural laws, engineering laws, mathematical laws, etc.

Emotional problems arise when there’s zero or inadequate stable data needed to truly deal with life situations.

your life depends on stable data

When Fely allowed her self to be continually raped by her cousin during childhood, she got “frozen” by the trauma.

She felt lost and didn’t know what else she could do. She just kept quiet about it. The shame and fear were just too much for her to bear.

Fely’s “unmetabolized pain” of childhood sexual abuse brought chaos into her adulthood years.

This common expression applies to what happened to Fely: people who have lost stable data are said to be spinning crazy!

With unstable, even distorted data in her mind comes more confusion, uncertainty, demotivation, immorality, and addictions in her present life onwards.

The work of psychotherapy is to assist a psychologically wounded patient to develop desirable stable data reference points. 

Deliberately. Systematically. Especially in certain situations characterized by traumatization.

The process helps the patient to avoid permitting undesirable false data to become established. Such as in the case of Fely.

And … to gain success in protecting and preserving existing desirable stable data in one’s life.

The craziness can be corrected. When people use data that are true and certain.

Your life depends on stable data.


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