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Love and Emotional Problems

Love and emotional problems.

Can you get the connection? There are many emotional problems involving love.

When my first client in my practice came to see me, it’s a love-related emotional problem.

Noel (not his real name) was suffering from severe depression. 

His wife committed infidelity. It’s with one of their trusted employees in the company.

The cheating, the betrayal, the ensuing complications etc produced overwhelming emotional problems for Noel.

Noel is never alone! Emotional problems are an epidemic for millions of unloved people in the world.

And love is the greatest thing in the world, as Drummond said in an essay.

love and emotional problems

Let’s take a look at some more situations involving love and emotional problems.

• jealousy (especially the big, toxic kind)

• possessiveness

• compulsion to try to change a spouse or partner 

• frigidity 

• marrying or choosing a partner who’s a symbolic father or mother image 

• open relationship or free love with a degrading perspective 

• bad training from dysfunctional parents 

• marrying for money or security 

• plenty of casual sex encounters 

• sudden loss or death of a loved one 

• cheating about money

• irresistible craving or urge tending towards physical indulgence and addiction

• unwanted pregnancy, shotgun marriage 

• lover places a mask over loved one seeing only what is hoped to see and not reality 

• one-way love

• sexual addiction, homosexuality, rape

These life situations all involve issues of interaction between love and emotional problems.

It’s common to hear in our showbiz culture about “love at first sight.” 

It’s love right away in the first meeting! No preliminary conversations. No checking of credentials. No questions. No dates and communications.

Though incredible, they happen in reality. Or, unreality in the minds of people who engage in it.

Love and emotional problems?


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