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Create Happiness Rather Than Chase It

Create happiness rather than chase it.

A lot of people chase happiness. The constant mindset is, “I’ll be happy when _______.”

It’s always a search for something outside. An external circumstance. All to make one feel happy.

But this “chasing of happiness” in the external has never worked. 

I learned this principle from therapist Jennifer Sneeden, who says …

“ … if we’re always chasing the next thing, waiting for something outside of us to make us happy is setting ourselves up to fail and be unfulfilled.”

“I’ll be happy when I become a millionaire … when I marry a beautiful girl … when I get to travel to the USA,” said Mr. Go, 48, about his wishes.

Now he’s still falling way short of accomplishing what he’s chasing. His goals. He has become tired of himself and his “failures.”

Each day of his life he is feeling more and more unhappy. He’s losing steam. He feels too let down and confused.

Mr. Go has yet to learn to create happiness rather than chase it.

Popular therapist and author Dr. Wayne Dyer was once quoted, saying:

“Heaven on earth is a choice you must make, not a place you must find.”

Creating happiness is a choice regardless of outward circumstances.

create happiness rather than chase it

This year 2020-2021 is an ongoing Covid pandemic challenge for us. Heavy losses. Threats. Breakdowns.

How do you create happiness amidst such chaos around us?

I love how Sneeden put it: daily life intentions to bring her out of negative thinking patterns. 

She said she’d intend the following every day to create her happiness:

“I intend to enjoy my day today.

I intend to laugh with the people I love.

I intend to enjoy my family.

I intend to have a great session with this client.

I intend to enjoy walking my dog.

I intend to have a good night’s sleep.

I intend to wake up energized.”

Ok I got it:  “intend.”

We create happiness rather than chase it by way of conscious intention and positivity.

Happiness is a result of choice within our power. Not a result of external.

Let’s practice “creating, not chasing.” And soon we discover that everything else falls into place.


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