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Overcoming Financial Trauma, Part 1

Nowadays, one of people’s greatest needs is overcoming financial trauma. Since Covid started last year, millions are losing their jobs or businesses. A lot of individuals and families, even governments, suffer serious financial losses. Financial PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) does happen. It’s when people are heavily plagued by feelings of stress, failure, and isolation surrounding… Continue reading Overcoming Financial Trauma, Part 1

Money Problems and Mental Health

Money problems and mental health. They often go together. Most of the catastrophes that happen to people nowadays have something to do with money. Bankruptcy. Economic recession. Debts. Hunger. Poverty. Overspending. Unemployment.  The list is endless. And its associated mishaps can touch every aspect of our lives. Such as, self-esteem, family, relationship with others, our… Continue reading Money Problems and Mental Health

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