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Search For True Happiness

It’s in our minds and hearts all the time: the search for true happiness.

Carol knows it too well. 

She almost tried everything – work, career, money, husband, kids, public recognition, among others.

One time, Carol asked her husband for a bigger (and expensive) car. Hers was small. And she’s not happy and content with it.

When her husband explained about budget concerns, she became furious. Putting up an emotional tantrum.

Carol’s unhappiness shows up like that from time to time. There’s an inner void that aches whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.

“I should have done something more,” said another client Rovi, about his son’s death during a car accident.

He’s been tormenting himself for years now because his son died when he’s the one driving the car that fateful night.

Encased within Rovi is an illusion. A thought that it was all within his power and control what happened.

It is never easy to find true happiness within. But it’s not possible to find it outside or elsewhere.

This fact of life is often played out by some urgent, irreversible experience. Philosophers refer to it as a “boundary experience.

every human being travels life in search for true, lasting happiness

One aspect of this truth is the twin issue of contentment and control. 

Crystal Paine once wrote,  “Contentment is a state of the heart, unaffected by outward circumstances.”

Many times, we search for true happiness from externals which happen to be very fleeting sources. And therefore, outside our control.

Internals – our inner soul and spirit, mind, and heart – that’s where you find the source of true, lasting happiness. It’s an area within our control.

Are you still in search for true happiness?

It’s an inside job.

”Everything can be taken from a man but – the last of human freedoms — … to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” – Dr. Viktor Frankl




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