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Dealing With Physical Decline

Dealing with physical decline as time passes is an inevitable developmental task. 

It makes order of your mental health and happiness. The rest of your life, actually.

When I met John, my attorney classmate in high school, during his radio program, he beamed, 

“My, you’ve not changed, Angelo! What’s the secret?”

I delighted in hearing those words, of course. It was as if we’re still in high school together!

But I knew they were not true.

In my high school photo, we both still looked quite young. 

But definitely not nearly as young today as the years have taken a toll on us.

I noticed too that his wife, who sat beside him during the radio broadcast, also looked naturally older.

It’s so true to all the people we had known in our youth.

How do you deal with physical decline as you grow older?

I have 3 psychological and spiritual tips that work for many.

One, accept and acknowledge physical decline responsibly and thankfully.

Two, simply learn to live in the present, one day at a time.

And three, know the best life to come in eternity.

In the Bible, attaining old age is a blessing. There is beauty in it, even in the face of physical decline.

A friend in his late 60s battled a painful cancer disease. When I visited him in the hospital, he remained upbeat and amiable. 

He could have worried about dealing with physical decline, the pains in his body, and about dying.

But he did not. He trusted God and lived one day at a time. When the end came, he was beautifully peaceful.

Once while I was looking at this picture of Bridget Bardot, I mused about life.

dealing with physical decline is an inevitable developmental task

In a FB post I wrote my reflection of it,

“The physicality of beauty fades. The best part of beauty is that which no photograph can express.”


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