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Find Meaning In Your Trauma

Healing is the ability to find meaning in your trauma.

Dr. Paul worked as a successful writer and psychotherapist for multicultural individuals and couples wounded by marital infidelity.

It was work that helped heal so many people around the world after he himself suffered and was traumatized by an unfaithful wife almost two decades ago.

In the aftermath of this trauma, Dr. Paul finds meaning by not allowing the suffering to stop him from helping persons similarly wounded by betrayal and infidelity. 

He bears witness to the atrocities of the infidelity trauma wound and healing from it. It gives Dr. Paul lifelong fulfillment and meaning in the suffering he went through.

We have all heard or witnessed trauma stories of various kinds from people in many walks of life. A lot of them are examples of using pain as a way to find meaning in tragedy.

Parents who lost their children to senseless murder reach out to other parents who experienced similar circumstances. A cancer survivor who became an active spokesman and advocate for cancer research and treatment. A minister who was abandoned by his mother as a boy founded a global organization for abandoned street kids.

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Are you a victim of some sort of trauma in your life?

Look for ways to find meaning in your trauma and suffering. That’s how you heal and thrive thereon.

“Fundamentally … any man can …. decide what shall become of him – mentally and spiritually. He may retain his human dignity even in a concentration camp.” – Dr. Viktor Frankl

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